Conference on Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature

Andrea Gambarotto (Post-doc) and Olivier Depré (Professor), both members of the Center for Phenomenological Studies, are leading a conference on Hegel’s Naturphilosophie. See poster & program below.

26 Octobre, Après-midi
15:00 O. Depré (UCL), Introduction
15:30 A. Gambarotto (UCL), Comment lire la philosophie de la nature de Hegel aujourd’hui
16.15 Pause café
16:45 D. Wittmann (Lyon), Peut-on parler de naturalisme hégélien ?
17h30 O. Petteni (ULg), Naturphilosophie hégélienne, cosmologie et corps textuels

27 Octobre, Matin
9:30 A. Stanguennec (Nantes), Hegel et la Naturphilosophie romantique
10:15 G. Gérard (UCL), La place de la philosophie de la nature dans le système
11:00 Pause café
11:30 C. Bouton (Bordeaux Montaigne), Nature et histoire chez Hegel
12:15 O. Depré (UCL), Conclusion des travaux

New CFP : « Philosophical Hermeneutics in the Islamicate Context »

The Center for Phenomenological Studies (CEP), together with the Department of Philosophy of the Istanbul 29 Mayis University and the Institute for Islamic Sciences and Modern Oriental Philology of the University of Bern, organizes an important conference in May 2018 on the following topic: « Philosophical Hermeneutics in the Islamicate Context/L’herméneutique philosophique en contexte islamique ». This meeting will take place at UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Hereunder you’ll find the CFP with names of keynote speakers programmed, argument, dates, venue, contact info, etc. Please do not hesitate to circulate this information!


Landgrebe in Louvain (9/2017): Workshop Program

Here is the (near)final version of the program of the international workshop « Exploring Landgrebe’s Contributions to Phenomenology » to be held at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve on 28-28 September. We will talk about Landgrebe, of course!, yet for the sake of clarifying fundamental philosophical issues such as world, language, body, history, Europe, etc. We shall also speak of Husserl, Heidegger, and Patocka, among others. Speakers are coming from many places and all are warmly welcomed!