Bulletin heideggérien # 6: just out!

photoThe 6th issue of the Bulletin heideggérien has just been published as a PDF document on the Website of our Centre d’études phénoménologiques. As announced in a former post, it features some great articles by Julia Ireland, Alfred Denker & Theodore Kisiel, a piece on « Heidegger in Brasil » by Andrea de Macedo Duarte, a full bibliography for 2015, nearly a dozen book-reviews, and an amazing Instrumentum by Ian Alexander Moore, « Materials on Heidegger’s Relationship to Meister Eckhart ». Special thanks to Dr. Christophe Perrin for working hard on delivering this issue, and to all the Heidegger scholars who contributed!

PS: Books reviewed in this issue include Sparks Will Fly. Benjamin and Heidegger edited by A. Benjamin & D. Vardoulakis (reviewed by Jean-Sébastien Hardy), Division III of Being & Time edited by Lee Braver (reviewed by François Jaran),  Heidegger’s Confessions by Ryan Coyne (reviewed by Paul Slama), Seinsgeschichte und phänomenologischer Realismus by Tobias Keiling (reviewed by Ovidiu Stanciu), and many more. Enjoy!

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